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Road salt! Road salt!
2010-12-04 09:43:49

Road salt!

The road salt is nothing more than the coarse salt used for thousands of years, a large particle, non-refined versions.The winter road salt spreading as much traffic to ensure it became necessary, which has become environmentally unacceptable.

9oC up the road salt can be used.
With this cold weather has no effect.

This is a substance which destroys the winter:

  • of our clothes, our shoes
  • the car's chassis, wheels
  • pothole on the road and causing damage to the road side structures, equipment, signs
  • heavily damaged roads in the immediate vicinity, burning vegetation near the road
  • leg bites for pets, can cause gastrointestinal disorders, which eventually can lead to death from a pet

In summary, this is the substance, which no longer meets the exemption of the winter road slipperiness, as more harm our environment and personal values such as profit.

2010th From November 1, from the force of the Regulation, which prohibits the use of road salt in some areas.
This is established in the European Union's environmental envelope as well.

Accordingly, our company has developed a road saltthe trigger,The road salt is designed to initiate, completely environmentally friendly product: the PERIDOX (BAV) Long-road De-icing. completely environmentally friendly, economical product used, the PERIDOX (BAV) Long-road De-icing gain.

It is worth PERIDOX (BAV) Long-roadDe-icing in winter to gain the first fall of snow a few days before the dispatch of the surface.
This is called fund management, which 100ml/nm, 1dl/nm fluid is sprayed.
The preparation of the road surface of the capillary openings are closed during the winter storm front.
This prevents the molten slush can leak into the structure of the road and prevent frost consequence of pothole formation.
The management of around 25 ~ 30 days does.
25 ~ every 30 days, you should treat the surface again. The re-treatment required for 50 ml / sqm.

Sleet unexpected drops worth 30 ~ 50 ml of surface preparation are treated as immediate foot traffic to the road surface slippery.
The preparation of concrete, asphalt, road surface ice-covered viakolor slippage and the proposed use.

Follows that the composition of the environment does not result in harmful effects.
The plants for the winter season after the nutrients utilized.
The pets are not irritated by his feet, so neither will cause stomach and intestinal problems.
Advice, references:

* The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) Chemical Research Center, Materials and Environmental Institute on the Environment, conducted by an accredited laboratory, the PERIDOX (BAV) Long road De-icing environmental aspects of the Test Protocol for testing.

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Peridox termékek
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Peridox termékek
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